10 Quick Tips to Creating A Safe Work Environment

Hard Hat, Gloves and Glasses

Every day, Canadian workers sustain eye injuries on the job. Learn how to be safe with these tips.

  1. Avoid or minimize unnecessary hazards by removing falling or loose debris.
  2. Before starting, make sure that tools work.
  3. Always check the safety features (machine guards) on equipment before using.
  4. Make sure that all workers especially volunteers know how to use tools.
  5. Keep bystanders out of the hazard area.
  6. Identify the biggest hazards at the site.
  7. Identify hazards posed by other workers, machinery.
  8. Wear the proper eye and face protection.
  9. Make sure your eye protection fits properly and will stay in place.
  10. Brush, shake, or vacuum dust and debris from hardhats, hair, forehead, or the top of the eye protection before removing the protection.