Eye Safety Questions

Glasses with Question Marks

What causes eye injuries?
Metal, plastic or wood fragments, tools, particles, chemicals and harmful radiation cause most eye injuries. A recent surveyfound that in 60 percent of workplace injuries, the injured person wore no eye protection.

Do I need side protection on my glasses?
Canadian Standards require incorporated side protection be used.

Will wearing prescription safety glasses weaken my eyesight?
No. Prescription safety eyewear is made with optically correct plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses at work?
Contacts can be worn in most situations, but they should never be worn without the use of proper eye protection (glasses or goggles).

What should I do if chemicals splash in my eyes?
Immediately flush the eye with water, or any drinkable liquid. Hold the eye open if necessary,and continue flushing for 15 minutes. Seek emergency medical attention.

What if something gets in my eye?
Do not rub the eye! Try to blink the object out, hold your eyelid open to stimulate tearing or flush with water. Seek professional attention to ensure the foreign material is removed and that it has not caused any damage or infection.

After a few hours at my computer, my eyes are tired and sore. What can I do to relieve the strain?
Several factors should be investigated including posture, available light, and the position of your computer screen. Switching to alternative tasks or changing your focus can often be helpful. In addition, there are specialty lenses available designed to be worn at your work station. Talk to your optometrist about your work habits.